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Allow me to tell you a little about myself.

     Animals have always been a part of my life, as I grew up with many pets and live presently at my home with my 2 English Setters, budgies, rat, fish and a cockatiel.  I painted animals already as a small child and painted my first pet portrait of our English Springer Spaniel at age 12.  I began working at a small animal clinic in Kitchener where I displayed some of my work and sold my first commissioned portrait at 15 years old. 
I am more than a self-taught artist as I always studied art in school and continued studying it at the University of Guelph working with a variety of mediums and subject matters.  Drawing is also in my blood as my great uncle (Friedrich Reimann 1896-1991) was a famous wildlife artist in Europe as well as an illustrator for wildlife and naturalist books.  From my other side of the family, my grandfather was also a painter of great buildings like churches, etc which were acquired and put on display in the buildings.
     I have exhibited at several shows in Ontario.  One of the largest was "The Chrysler Search for Canadian Wildlife Artists" in 1984, for the Hunting and Sporting Dog Show at the International Centre in Toronto.  I won a Best of Show with the "Zebra" and a First Place in another category with the dog portrait "English Setter with Woodcock".  The following year I won a Second Place to the Best of Show with the "Doe and Fawn".  This is what gave me the recognition to display at the Burdette Wildlife Gallery.  I displayed there for several years, selling many pastels of the wild animals while continuing at home with my commissioned pet portraits.
After graduating from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art and Psychology, I moved from my family home in Waterloo to Penetanguishene and now to Ottawa. 
     Working in soft pastel on velour paper is my preferred medium and definitely the most unique and challenging.  Velour paper does not allow for mistakes and pastels must be layered until the right colour and texture is achieved.  Success is when the illusion of every hair of the fur looks individually drawn.  I pride myself in creating animal portraits that breathe life with extreme realism.  The correctness of anatomical form is extremely important to the accuracy of my finished composition.  Artists that have been my inspirition are Guy Coheleach for his magnificent wildlife portraits and Carl Brenders for his attention to detail in his wildlife paintings.