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  When taking a photograph of your pet, please ensure you are at eye level with them.  Taking pictures from above looking down on them always look distorted.  If you are having a portrait done of the face only, please photograph close ups of the face without the rest of the body.  A better photo is having your pet sitting rather than standing or lying down unless of course you want a full body portrait.  It is very important that photos are in focus.  Don't worry about what is in the background unless you would like the background in the portrait.  For dogs, outdoor shots on a bright day are the best.  Avoid full sun which can cast shadows on one side of the face.  However, an overcast, dull day does not enhance colours unless you use a flash.  Indoor shots with a flash is fine for detail of the fur but is useless when it comes to colour and the eyes are always distorted.  For cats, indoor shots will work if you take a flash photo in a brightly lit room.  Most people take photographs of their pet as a full frontal facial view.  I have found that a portrait has more life to it if the pet has their head slightly turned as a 3/4 view or even looking away. 
  Of course, you don't have do everything I have mentioned but I am just letting you know how to get the most out of your portrait.  Many times, customers have recently lost a pet or have found photos of pets from their past that they want to immortalize so the photos may not follow what I have outlined.  This is why I ask to view the photos through my email so I can ensure that I am able to do my best on the portrait.  By sending me an array of photos, I am able to usually create a better portrait than your best photo as I am able to get details from other photos.  Please view the sample photo images of pets that I consider good and poor for portraits.


Poor Sample
Out of focus face, lack of details.

Poor Sample
Dogs too far away, unable to see faces, no detail.

Poor Sample
Looking down onto dog, dog lying and looking down, no detail.